DC Design Week (DCDW) is an annual celebration of DC's vibrant, diverse
creative community. The ever-growing body of professionals, makers, and
voices working across design disciplines make DC Design week a success
every year. The DCDW committee will have various engaging events like
workshops, keynotes, and parties over the course of a week. There is also
room to get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, or submit an event proposal.

UX & Web Designer | 2022
Layout + Composition Design, Accessibility, Information Architect
• Figma
3 months,  Pre-launch
2 websites, Social media banners
The Problem
DCDW doesn't have a website year round and the websites created were always worked on a few months before launches. This year the committee wanted to create a website to be foundational for future DCDW's to come. In addition to creating a strong base for future DCDW website launches, this year's launch also features a lot of important information that needed to be digestible to users without it being overwhelming. 
The Process
I Initially met with the Design Director, in April about the goals for the new DCDW pre and external site launch as well as an introductions to the materials I'd be updating to improve the site experience. This meeting gave me the context for things to consider in order to create a positive experience for our users. 

• Content audit
• Better information architecture
• More informal conversation with audience
• Website should be flexible with content
• Website that is accessibly complaint in terms of structure
In order to meet the DCDW committee goals this year I revisited our previously designed sites and took note to layouts and reoccurring elements that could be reused and improved upon. ​​​​​​​
Check out all DCDW past sites 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021
Low-Fidelity Wireframes 
The first step in the design process was to create low-fidelity wireframes to show possible content structures. I created these user flows and wireframes in Figma. 
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes 
The Design Director supported me by using my designs from my low-fidelity wireframes to create the design library. I then worked on these mid-fidelity wireframes to upgrade the user experience using the content for the pre-launch site. I created these user  wireframes in Figma, using the DCDW design library. 
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